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Final Fantasy XV Demo Releasing March 31st, Involves a Young Noctis

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV is taking place in Los Angeles tonight, where the release date for the long-awaited RPG will be announced. There is also a load of “wicked cool” content to be unveiled that we will report on tonight so make sure you keep in touch.

Hours before the event though Gematsu have learned that there will be a new Final Fantasy XV demo unveiled for release tomorrow, March 31st. The playable demo will involve the main protagonist Noctis at a much younger stage of his life than previously seen, along with summon Carbuncle who makes a return from previous instalments.

The player is invited to “Enter the Dream of Young Noctis”, where in the video below we see that he traverses strange environments such as a jungle followed by a huge household room (either that or Noctis himself is really small). What gameplay is actually involved in the demo is unclear right now, but more is sure to be cleared up tonight at the LA event.

Square Enix have already allowed fans to experience the game in a previous Final Fantasy XV demo titled ‘Episode Duscae’, that allowed players to travers a large in-game area while fighting enemies using the new combat system, visit small communities and summon the enormous Ramuh. Gameplay is expected to change dramatically from Episode Duscae which was released in March 2015 with copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, after Square Enix allowed fans to give feedback that they then assured everyone would be put into practice for the final game.

This new demo looks like it may only include a short sub-section of the game so may not represent what we are likely to see in the core game but it’ll still be interesting to see where the game is at now and what we can look forward later this year (hopefully!).