Tim Sweeney Disappointed By Oculus Treating Epic as “Second-class Citizens”

Tim Sweeney first slammed Microsoft for its Universal Windows Platform and now he is criticising Oculus. According to Sweeney, Oculus is treating Epic Games and Steam second-class citizens.

Oculus has blocked apps that aren’t sold through its own store, which is the reason why Tim Sweeney is disappointed.

Oculus Rift is available for consumers and reviews are live. People are liking the device but think it promises an experience that will take another generation VR devices to deliver.

Meanwhile, Oculus blocking apps not sold-through its own store will discourage developers who wish to use their own platforms to sell their products.

Oculus Rift is yet to reply to Sweeney and I doubt it will.

However, other famous developers such Minecraft creator Markus Persson said that he do understand why Oculus would do this. He respects their decision:

For now, all of your Oculus Rift content will come from its own store but may be, just maybe, Oculus Rift will reconsider its content distribution stretagy in the future.