New Warcraft Trailer is As Thrilling as it is Beautiful!

Just over two months before the movie is unleashed in cinemas all over the world, a new Warcraft trailer has been released showing off a few new extra slices of action from Azeroth.

You can check out the most recent trailer before this one right here, as well as extra information on the film itself!

The movie is actually titled Warcraft: The Beginning in this international trailer which refers to the origin storyline of the war on the Orcs’ homeland. Despite re-using some shots from previous trailers we’ve already seen there are some fresh, story-based scenes included such as the potential love story. Check it out above!

Robert Kazinsky plays Orgrim Doomhammer and claims that World of Warcraft saved his life. We can’t promise that when watching the film but if you’re a fan of MMO or its spin-offs then it’s certainly worth checking out when it hits theatres on June 10 in the USA.