Mortal Kombat XL Update Brings Plenty of General and Character-Specific Fixes

NetherRealm Studios has dropped a surprise Mortal Kombat XL update today that is looking to fix a series of bugs and errors in the game.

The version 1.13 patch brings with it a number of bug fixes, but will also be bringing gameplay specific changes, both general as well as character specific ones. The patch has been released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version, with the PC version of Mortal Kombat X once again being deprived and ignored.

In addition to tweaking the overall balance of the game, the Mortal Kombat X update will fix plenty of issues. Certain parry X-Ray moves will no longer be broken by multiple attacks hitting at once, and there are also AI tweaks for the Kombat Pack 2 characters.

Here are all the General Gameplay Fixes featured in this Mortal Kombat XL update:

  • There is no longer an addition frame of input delay when simulate online delay is on and should now better match online play
  • Removed several camera, sound, and particle glitches due to rollback
  • Removed several possible online desyncs
  • If a breaker is initiated while the attacker is below ground it will no longer animate faster than normal
  • Some knockdown reactions now longer reset the buffered combo damage scaling used by unavoidable off the ground situations
  • Fixed a bug which could cause controller configuration options to be reset for a round after a rollback in an online match
  • The timer in survivor koth now starts at 150 seconds
  • Corrected some brutalities which had some issues with rollback
  • Made some corrections to movelist frame data
  • Some hotfix changes from the previous patch are now being applied correctly
  • AI tweaks for the Kombat Pack 2 characters
  • Multiple attacks hitting on the same frame should no longer sometimes break though Sonya’s, Subzero’s, Triborg’s (Cyber Sub-Zero) X-Ray parry