Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Trailer Tells Us About the City and Its Narrative

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is less than a couple of months away from release, and to build up the excitement, DICE is releasing a new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer that shows the City and introduces viewers to the game’s narrative.

It’s the latest addition to the Developer Diary series of videos for the game. The diary covers the inspiration for Faith’s design and look, as her ‘sharp’ looks are symbolic representations of how she cuts through the city of Glass.

This Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer also goes through initial starting plot. It starts of from where the comic-book leaves off, with Faith is jail. She’s released into the city once again after a couple of years.

The developers also discuss the design of the city in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as well as additional features like dynamic time of day.

Check out the full Mirror’s Edge Catalyst trailer above for additional information.

Recently, DICE also gave insight on how the enemies in the game will play out. Expect plenty of resistance and lots of free-running when you explore the city of Glass.

The game will be releasing on 26 May for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.