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First Western Dark Souls 3 Review Scores an Impressive 9 Out of 10

It’s not long now until we get our hands on From Software’s latest gruelling adventure which means the reviews will start rolling in soon enough. The first has arrived via the British-based Edge Magazine who have offered their Dark Souls 3 review and given the action-RPG a briliant 9 out of 10.

Edge magazine are notoriously harsh when it comes to review scores, handing out a perfect score for an incredibly select few amount of games, so scoring a 9 is in fact a very good score.

Reviewed on Playstation 4, the reviewer impressed yet unsurprised by the “will-sappingly difficult” boss fights and “tightly designed” areas, but noted that the sense of familiarity was prevalent throughout, especially in the opening third.

Following the success of four fantastic games before it in Demons’ Souls, Dark Souls 1 and 2 as well as Bloodborne, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki had a lot to live up to after directing or advising in all the previous games and has taken the lead role on Dark Souls 3 once again. Edge explain that the title’s “astonishingly handsome” world also “lacks a little of the complexity of Miyazaki and From at their best”. However its boss fights are “set in beautiful arenas and soundtracked by the finest Souls music to date”. The reviewer continues, “With Dark Souls 3, Miyazaki has ensured his studio’s reputation remains intact, and delivered on our expectations, albeit a little too closely at times.”

There is no mention of the online performance in this Dark Souls 3 review, possibly due to the early playthrough of the game. Neither is there talk of the game’s performance on PS4 which is an eagerly-awaited situation following Bloodborne’s slightly choppy start to life on Sony’s console.

You can check out the first boss battle of Dark Souls 3 running at 60fps on PC here, where the player manages to defeat the lumbering enemy using only his fists. You can also learn about 5 dos and donts when playing as the Unkindled before stepping foot in From Software’s latest game.