Donate $1 to Charity and Get Tomb Raider Free for PC

Want to feel good about yourself and a get a pretty sweet game in the process? Donate at least $1 to the GameChanger Charity and you will receive a digital copy of Tomb Raider free on PC.

Once your donation is approved Square Enix will e-mail your code straight to you, and will be available from now until April 5 or until they run out of codes.

This is all in conjunction with Tomb Raider’s 20th anniversary celebrations, so if you were to donate $20 or more (still not the worst price just for Tomb Raider in any case) you will also enter a draw to win a special Crystal Dynamics swag bag. Within said bag is a collector’s edition of Tomb Raider along with many other Tomb Raider goodies.

You will also enter another more lucrative draw to win an Xbox One with five games and various other accessories worth over $600 in total.

If you are feeling particularly generous and want to donate at least $50 then you will receive a GameChanger Gratitude Package that includes a personalized thank you letter among other special swag. The first 25 people to donate this much will also receive a Tomb Raider poster. For more information check out this GameChanger Donation page.

GameChanger are a non-profit organization helping disadvantaged children and their families. Have a look at what they offer those in need:

Funds raised by GameChanger go towards (96% direct to the cause):
– Financial aid for patients & families with cancer
– College scholarships for survivors
– Video games & toys for patients
– Hosting unique gaming events for patients

Even if they weren’t given Tomb Raider free of charge, GameChanger are a very worthy cause to donate to and should be applauded for their efforts. (Don’t worry, they have nothing to do with the controversial TV movie The Gamechangers based on GTA developers Rockstar.)