Xbox Live Down Again for Social and Gaming

Xbox Live has been experiencing many problems recently, especially in February where the service went down….twice.

Now a month later it seems that are similar problems with Microsoft’s online service with Xbox Live down yet again.

The Xbox Support site notes that there is ‘Limited’ connectivity to Social and Gaming aspects of the annual service. This includes the following features:

“In-game matchmaking, cloud storage, finding friends, Game DVR, leaderboards, avatar editing, or pictures”

This boils down to problems with one of the most popular and frankly important features of an online gaming service:

“Joining other Xbox Live members in online games”

This means that most players will be completely unable to join other players in any online game for the time being, be it competitively or co-operatively. The main reason for signing up to Xbox Live for most players is so they can spend time with their friends on their favorite games but that luxury has once again been taken from them. Even chatting to them outside of gaming is an issue right now.

It’s becoming quite tiresome for Xbox One and Xbox 360 fans to constantly have Xbox Live down with issues, especially considering that they are paying for a year’s subscription without being able to fully utilize every day of the 12 months. The problems have become so persistent that fans have started to demand compensation for any lost time they’ve endured during their subscription, much like Sony have done in the past when Playstation Network has caused similar disruptions.

It’s unclear right now how long the problems will last, but it is a world-wide problem that Microsoft are looking into fixing right now. All other services seem to be unaffected at the moment, such as signing-in, accessing the Xbox Store to purchase items or redeem codes and viewing TV or listening to music.