Playstation 4K will be Announced Prior to Playstation VR Release?

Rumors of a new Playstation 4 have been circling for a couple of weeks now but nothing has been confirmed by Sony officially, and it seems that we will be waiting a while longer until an announcement is actually made on the Playstation 4K.

Despite various events beforehand, including the Daddy of them all in E3, the latest rumor is that Sony will officially announce the new Playstation 4K in October, prior to or alongside the release of Playstation VR.

The report comes from The Wall Street Journal who claim that “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed that Sony are indeed working on the upgraded console, and that it will release before PS VR in October.

There are no details on prices or specifications just yet, but the (still rumored) Playstation 4K will be created to maximise the use of the Playstation’s upcoming Virtual Reality headset.

Another rumor from a couple of days ago suggests that the console will release during Holiday 2016, costing $400 and will not run native 4K games, but will feature more of an upscale in graphics.

This would coincide with a Fall announcement, but wouldn’t give fans much time to save up for both a newer Playstation 4 and Playstation VR on top of it. However it remains to be seen whether many owners of the current PS4 would want to upgrade to the PS4K just for better graphics and a smoother compatibility with VR. There will be some out there, but you would assume that Sony will be targeting any potential new customers with the upgraded model due to its superiority over their biggest rival, the Xbox One.

What do you think? Would you be interested in the Playstation 4K and the Playstation VR? Are you an Xbox One owner that is considering making the switch over to Sony now they have all this new technology in the pipeline? Let us know in the comments below.