Nintendo NX is More Powerful Than PS4? No, Leaked Info is Fake

Nintendo NX is once again the topic of discussion as a new set of information is shared by an anonymous AAA dev who claims to be working with a NX Dev kit.

Before we discuss what we have for you today, there is something that needs to made clear here.

What I would like to point out here is that, he claims that NX uses a 8GB DDR5 RAM and when confronted, he said he is just an art guy and does not know the technicalities. Did he mean GDDR5? Well, he made it pretty clear that he was indeed referring to 8GB of DDR5 RAM, not graphics memory.

It has only been little over a year since we started seeing DDR4 memory being used in the market so we are way off from DDR5.

Troll? Or just a really confused developer? Anyways, let’s talk about what other details he “leaked” but take all of the following with a massive grain of salt.

According to this “dev,” NX controller we saw was a fake (which is already confirmed from various sources) and the actual controller is nothing like that. It has physical buttons with a screen behind them. “It doesn’t have a form shifting screen, nor does it have a touchscreen with haptic feedback.”

The fake controller did get some things right though, the original controller “does have scroll wheel shoulder buttons, but in addition to them it also has two regular shoulder buttons labeled ZL and ZR. It also has a headphone jack in the bottom of the controller.”

The NX is not backwards compatible with 3DS and Wii U. The controller isn’t a replacement for 3DS but can be used as a gaming system. It works like companion apps do with smartphones, a more refined version of Wii U gamepad I would say.

And finally, he says NX is using 8GB of DDR5 (what??) memory and ARM Architecture, Nintendo NX is  more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4 but only by a small margin. The release window for Nintendo NX is early 2017.

This dev doesn’t mention which studio he is from or which game is he working on. Needless to say, we should take this information lightly and wait for official details to arrive.

Nintendo NX is expected to be shown during E3 this year.

Source: Reddit