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EVE Online Hosting the Next Biggest Battle in Video Games History?

Two years ago, the largest Super Capital fight in history took place in EVE Online with thousands of players taking part.

Now the largest player battle in video games history could be on the horizon once again, with a new coalition of forces emerging to take down the previous victors known now as The Imperium.

Formerly known as CFC, The Imperium came out on top two years ago and have remained far and away the greatest power in EVE Online, but now most of the major alliances and some smaller ones have joined to create the Moeybadger coalition.

Over the past 9 months, plenty of events have occurred leading up to this battle that have been summarized by Reddit user TheRealMartini below:

  • CCP introduced a new system for capturing sovereignty – The new system now allows guerilla-like tactics to be used. Meaning sovereignty is no longer decided by who brings the biggest ships.”
  • The Mittani’s failed Kickstarter – The Mittani (leader of The Imperium) attempted to get a book published about The Fountain War. This was met with a huge backlash from the rest of the EVE community, esp, /r/Eve, who felt he was trying to monetize his alliance members. After this, Imperium members were encouraged not to use /r/Eve, thus closing themselves off.”
  • High Profile Imperium members defect – Not liking the direction the Imperium was taking a number of former high profile FC’s and spies leave the Imperium and join rival alliances.”
  • The ‘I want isk’ financial backing for war – The Final piece. The website ‘i want isk’ (think Iron bank) begins paying alliances to go to war with the Imperium after coalition member SMA fails to pay a bill and accuses IWI of illegal activity.”

The Moneybadgers are unbeaten so far and have shattered the illusion that The Imperium are unbeatable. When this battle does commence, it will include over 40,000 pilots. This battle will reduce anything witnessed in EVE Online or any other game to insignificance, so if you are interested in joining the huge community then now is the time to do so. Take a look at how the game plays in first-person if you fancy something different.