Developers Will Be Allowed to Sell Oculus Games on Other Platforms

Even though Oculus Rift is officially out today, there are many questions still looming about the VR headset and the company. One question is about Oculus games on other platforms.

The company has attempted to answer this question by clarifying whether developers who made games for Oculus Rift would be stuck selling those titles on the Oculus.

The short answer is no.

In a post on the Oculus Blog, the company told a little about how things work.

“As a developer, you don’t have to be in the Oculus Store — you can sell outside, and when you do that you can you use your own IAP if you prefer, and we don’t take a cut. You can also request keys (royalty free) to sell your Oculus PC app on other stores, while making it available to the community through the Oculus platform.”

This means that games that are not exactly ‘licensed’ through a request key will not bear the seal of approval from Oculus, making playing Oculus games on other platforms a tad harder to reach as you’d have to search games from ‘unknown sources.’

Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that overall the firm isn’t restricting Oculus games to the VR headset only, and will let developers distribute it to mainstream users who cannot afford the $599 priced equipment.

In other Oculus related news, Nvidia has launched its GeForce Drivers for support of Oculus games for all those who will be experiencing virtual reality gaming on its launch day.