Dark Souls 3 60fps and a Boss Fight with Bare Fists, Sweet!

April 12 is drawing ever closer meaning that us outside of Japan will soon be able to get our hands on Dark Souls 3 for Xbox One, PS4 or PC. Some lucky players have already received a copy though, but this does mean we get to see some genuine gameplay 2 weeks before release, as well as a snippet of Dark Souls 3 60fps action.

There are very minor spoilers for the game ahead as well as in the gameplay video, so if you prefer to go into From Software’s latest adventure blind then it may be best to turn away now.

The video below shows the first boss encounter of the game, against Iudex Gundyr who blocks the way to the Firelink Shrine. The game is running on PC at 60 frames per second though and looks incredibly slick especially after the slightly choppy performance of From Software’s last title Bloodborne on Playstation 4. Whether we will see the same problems with Dark Souls 3 on console remains to be seen but for now we can all enjoy the slick boss battle below:

What’s interesting about the video is that the player defeats the boss using solely his fists. Doubly impressive considering Gundyr morphs into a huge grotesque beast halfway through the fight and using multiple attacks. He or she must have already had plenty of time with the game considering the notorious difficulty of the Souls series, as defeating most bosses for the average payer is a real challenge in itself.

To heighten the intense Dark Souls 3 hype you are probably enduring right now you can check out the launch trailer that is unsurprisingly full of darkness. You can also read about the 8 biggest changes from the predecessors to see what you will be letting yourself in for next month.