Uncharted 4 Stealth Elements Will Take Inspiration from The Last of Us

The hype around Uncharted 4: The Thief’s End is gaining pace, and to add a bit of extra oomph to it, the game’s technical art director says a lot of inspiration from The Last of Us was taken to develop certain aspects of the game.

Waylon Brinck talked about how Naughty Dog has learned from the critically acclaimed The Last of Us when it comes to implementing the stealth mechanics in Uncharted 4. Players should expect to face much smarter foes and stealth elements that were featured in 2013’s award-winning survival-action title.

“The enemies are smarter. We’ve taken a lot of the stealth elements from The Last of Us and brought them in so the player has more choices in combat. You can actually avoid an enemy, lose their line of sight and just sneak past them, and not even have to encounter them.”

That’s definitely a good thing, because The Last of Us had some awesome stealth elements. Additionally, Naughty Dog also suggests that AI will be far more precise and realistic from the sense of how enemies and allies are able to visualize and calculate a player’s movement.

Lead Animator Jeremy Yates also spoke about how the game will essentially encourage you to move about during fight sequences, making the game a bit more tactical.

“We didn’t want a game where you sit behind one piece of cove and sit there with the ‘stop and pop,’ you’re shooting. We really want you to move through the environment, to outsmart them, to flank them, for them to be able to chase you around and just have that constant motion.”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will arrive exclusively on PS4 on May 10. The game’s Heads or Tails trailer is also being showcased in theaters alongside Batman vs. Superman. There are also intriguing rumors suggesting the game’s multiplayer might not be featured on the disc.

Via Examiner