Some Ubisoft Steam Sale Bundles Cost More Than Buying the Individual Games, Watch Out!

Ah, Steam bundle sales are awesome, right? Heck, sales of all sorts are awesome, but sometimes something weird happens – the sale of a bundle becomes more than the sum of its individual products.

That’s apparently the case with some of the big sales on Ubisoft games, with the two primary bundles suffering with this curious case of buffed prices being the Ubisoft Prime Pack and the Assassin’s Creed Pack, which interestingly tend to feature some of Ubisoft’s most popular titles.

Now most people will just look at the ‘sales’ word and start clicking on ‘buy’ next to whichever bundles attract them the most. However, you should really hold your horses for a bit and attempt to calculate (and then recalculate) how much this supposed sale is costing you.

Yes, it’s going to take some time to do so, but there’s no reason for you to give away more money than you deserve.

It’s worth noting that errors and mistakes do tend to happen, but this isn’t exactly Valve’s or Steam’s fault. The publisher (in this case Ubisoft) is largely responsible for giving the numbers. The fault obviously lies with Ubisoft, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they implemented this deliberately.

That’s not to say Ubisoft or Valve shouldn’t be held responsible, though. This most certainly needs to be fixed if it’s a mistake, and fixed soon before it does too much damage.

Keep your eyes peeled folks, and open the calculator when you’re purchasing items on sales to check how much it’s actually saving you.