The 75GB Quantum Break Episode Pack is Available on Xbox One Now

The review embargo on Quantum Break lifts on April 1, allowing us to properly gauge the worth in this time-bending adventure, but this game’s review is going to be much different from the rest, thanks to the live action series embedded into it. On that front, Microsoft is now letting you download the Quantum Break Episode Pack for Xbox One.

This is important for a number of fans because it was announced at the start of this month that the game’s cutscenes will need to be streamed during play. This meant that the users will need to stay online all the time although it is a single player game.

A large number of people were not okay with it, and it looks like the Episode Pack is Remedy Entertainment’s answer.

Quantum Break Episode Pack Available for Download Now

The Episode Pack is available as a separate Add-On for the game which is going to take a massive 75GB of disk space on your console. That size surely looks mind boggling because the base game’s own size is 44 GB and also because there are only four 22 minute long episodes.

However, what you guys need to understand is that Remedy Entertainment has recorded different versions of each episode to give you a different experience depending on the choices you make. That is the reason why the download size is 75 GB.

The issue at hand is that you either download Quantum Break Episode Pack to your Xbox One and keep it there to be used when you play Quantum Break or you can do nothing and then stream all of them while playing. Either way, your internet connection is going to be doing double shifts.