Ten Street Fighter 5 Tips To Help You Excel Against Everyone

Any good fighting game requires you to clock in substantial hours and hard work before you can actually consider yourself a good player. And Capcom’s latest, Street Fighter 5 is certainly no different. However, we can get you some really worthy tips to get better at it sooner.

The video above will take you through ten surefire tips to help you excel at the game.

Street Fighter 5 Tips

Top of the line is a basic rule: combos are all great but the basics are the key here. It is always an extra punch for the enemy if you master the basics before jumping to the combos – Street Fighter is certainly not just about combos.

Cross ups are another major that you need to learn. They can be lethal if used right which means you need not only to learn to use them but also how to defend against them.

Moving on, we know many think you look like a pro if your character is landing all those kicks and punches while jumping all over the place, but please stop jumping so much. The problem is that although you can land impressive damage this way, it also increases the odds of you being hit hard instead.

Just like Rock Paper Scissors, in Street Fighter 5 blocks beat strikes, strikes beat throws, and throws beat blocks. Mix them up and learn your opponent’s playstyle to figure out which one to use when.

Offensive, Balanced, Defensive and Grapplers are the four archetypes of your fighters in Street Fighter. Learn that, and adjust your playstyle accordingly instead of playing the same way with every character.

One of the more important tips is that you should confirm a hit before jumping into the combo. Sometimes, a player can be so bent upon completing a combo that they forget if the first hit was even locked in.

Keep a clear eye on the V Gauge and the Critical Gauge; timing your hits with them in mind gives you the requisite force to win the match; those EX moves aren’t there for fun alone!

Also, there are a number of characters like Ken and Cammy who have lethal wake up reversals. Whey can get even more dangerous wen they are down; or inversely, you could deal some additional damage to the enemy if they are oblivious of you character’s wake up reversals.

Sending the enemy into an extremely dangerous stun state for a temporary period of time with Crush Counters can allow you to deal a follow up combo which the enemy just has to take.

The last one is more of a life advice, but it applies perfectly to Street Fighter 5: Never stop learning because your opponents will be getting better each day.

Note: The video above gives a much detailed account of how you can benefit from each one of these tips.