Starcraft 2 Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack Betrayal Trailer Shows Plenty of Story Premise

A new trailer has been released for the Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack set to arrive on March 29 for Starcraft 2. The trailer showcased is named ‘Betrayal,’ and heavily focuses on the story of the total 9 missions that will be featured in the pack.

The nine different missions will be released in three episodic installments, with each installment featuring three missions. All of these episodes will chronologically take place after the events of Legacy of the Voice.

The Betrayal trailer shown for the Starcraft 2 mission pack is story-heavy, filled with plenty of intriguing cutscenes that premise what the plot during these mission packs will be.

Each mission pack or installment will cost 7.49€ / 5.99£, but all three can be pre-ordered now for 14.99€ / 11.99£.

Similar to Kerrigan’s role in Heart of the Swarm, Nova will be the character directly controlled in each mission. She will be supposed by all power and resources of the Terran Dominion, including a special black-ops version of the typical Terran army.

Players who pre-purchase the first of the three Nova Covert Ops mission packs for Starcraft 2 will receive a unique Nova portrait and a Covert Ops Ghost skin for their Ghost units. The former is exclusive to the pre-purchase bundle and will not be available after March 29.