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Pokemon Sun and Moon: 3 Changes That Definitely Won’t Happen

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been solicited for a release this holiday on the Nintendo 3DS, and there’s every reason to be hyped by the fact. After all, it’s one of the franchises that have been a big part of a lot of people’s childhood.

The two games will likely add around 100 or so new Pokemons to the collection, and also several evolutions to already-existing Pokemons.

However, everyone who has played more than a couple of Pokemon games knows that it’s not in the nature of these titles to bring too much change aside from new additions and locations. The games are all very identical.

For the 20th Anniversary, Nintendo might make a few changes in Sun and Moon that weren’t observed in previous Pokemon titles, but here are three things that will most definitely not happen.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Changes You Should Not Expect to See

Truly Challenging Campaign
Sure, with new generation comes a fair bunch of new Pokemon that you might have trouble dealing with at the start, but it all eventually becomes a bit too easy once you familiarize yourself with the new breed.

Pokemon games have never been extremely challenging – there’re very little repercussions of losing battles as you can heal your Pokemon at the nearest Pokemon Center, and the rock-paper-scissors styled weaknesses of the Pokemon allow you to eventually form a squad that is capable of destroying any and every gym leader you come across.

By the time you reach the Elite Four, you’ll be dominating them while half-asleep. Don’t expect this trend to change, even if you want it to. Pokemon after all is more about the adventure and the thrill of collecting rare and unique Pokemon than it is about challenging battles.

Completely Open World from the Start
Ah yes, Hidden Machines. They certainly make the game more compelling, but I’d have really enjoyed if we had a truly open world right from the start without any limiting factors like hidden machines.

Places where you shouldn’t be going don’t have to be locked away by trees that you need to find an HM for (to teach your friggin’ Pokemon how to Cut!) – they should be explorable, but with dangerously high-level enemies that will annihilate you.

This would certainly make the game more interesting, add depth to it, and also challenge players to try something different. It would go well hand-in-hand with some real challenge.

But it’s not going to happen in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You and I both know it, and that’s why we’ll spend a good amount of time in Pokemon Sun and Moon finding HMs to teach our Pokemon abilities like Surf, Rock Smash, and Cut. Yay.

Compelling NPCs and Enemies
If someone were to name 100 RPGs with mildly-interesting NPCs, not a single Pokemon game would be in them. The rival is excessively obnoxious (to an unrealistic degree), the gym leaders are as interesting as a plain wall, and the rest of the NPCs you meet are pretty pointless. Heck, even your own mom is such a forgettable entity!

It’s going to remain the same, for sure. NPCs aren’t a major part of the game’s appeal (although they are a major part of everything), and it’s certainly going to remain the same.

Personally, we would’ve loved to have certain truly NPC-related quests or conversations that would pique everyone’s interest, but it’s not going to happen, and there’s no point dreaming about it either. I’ll be just happy if the rival could be a little less moronic.

What excites you the most about Pokemon Sun and Moon?