PayDay 2 Hardcore Henry Packs Bring Jimmy, The Psychopath

Overkill Software has announced in the past that the PayDay 2 Hardcore Henry Packs are going to bring you more than one updates, and the one they have released today is the Jimmy Character Pack.

The Jimmy Character pack brings you an eccentric character called Jimmy alongside a number of other in-game items that the developers have listed on the newly added page to their website which has been dedicated to the Hardcore Henry updates.

In case you are on the fence about trying out the new content pack or not, Overkill Software has also released a trailer outlining the contents of the new pack as well as Jimmy. We have added the trailer above.

The Jimmy Character Pack allows heisters to play as the eccentric Jimmy. Other than himself, it includes the Maniac perk deck, Jimmy’s masks, the Specialist knives and the Heather SMG -which introduces the ability to dual-wield SMGs in PAYDAY 2.

Check back later for more on PayDay 2 Hardcore Henry Packs.