What is Microsoft’s Answer to PS4 4K? Xbox One is Struggling at 1080p

Over the past week or so, there have been rumors of a new and improved PlayStation 4 variant that can pump out 4K resolution if your screen can support it. Once again we are seeing the gaming community divided over this, some are in favor while others think it is a bad idea and a total betrayal to the console code.

Both arguments have merits but that isn’t what we are here to discuss today.

What we are going to talk about is whether or not Microsoft should do the same with Xbox One? Eurogamer said it had confirmation from numerous sources that PS4 4K is indeed a thing and will release in the near future.

Now, PS4 4K may create plenty of issues for Xbox One, a console that is struggling to maintain 1080p. Before the release of Xbox One we heard a lot about “the power of the cloud” but to this day we are yet to see what it is really capable of.

Cloud isn’t helping Xbox One be any more powerful than it already is, at least for now. We are seeing games run at 900p and even 720p, which is an embarrassment for current-gen consoles.

The most recent example is Quantum Break, a third person shooter from Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment. The title renders its effects in 720p with 4xMSAA to make the game look better at that resolution.

Something that needs to be made clear here is that we believe native 4K resolution support for PS4 titles is off the table. What we should expect is resolution being pushed beyond Full HD to make modern AAA games look sharper on 4K displays.

Also, 4K media support is pretty much guaranteed if PS4 4K exists.

Still, it is bad news for Xbox One.

If Sony offers trade-in programs where you can turn-in your old PS4 units and pay the difference ($100-$150) to get PS4 4K, it would be a very tempting deal.

Knowing Microsoft, I don’t think they will choose the same path for Xbox One. However, steps need to be taken to at least stabilize their machine at 1080p, preferably with 60FPS.

Do you think Microsoft needs to improve Xbox One hardware in some shape or form, so it can at least maintain 1080p 60FPS on modern AAA games? What are your thoughts on PS4 4K?