Leaked Nintendo NX Controller Was a Fake Photoshopped Image

Since a couple of days ago, everyone has been excited to see allegedly leaked images of the Nintendo NX controller not only because of its simplistic and elegant design but also because it would be the first aspect of the upcoming Nintendo console that we had gotten a visual for.

However, it looks like someone has played a very extensively planned prank. The images that were all over the internet yesterday are, apparently, fake and the product of some really good photoshop skills.

The supposed “leaker” has now shared a video on YouTube revealing how he had used a 3D modeling program to create the image of the controller and photoshopped it on top of an ordinary table.

That being said, this guy is claiming that the images that had surfaced last week were fake, not the ones that have surfaced online yesterday.

It could be that both the leaks were photoshopped, but we can not be certain about the second one; after all, it does look the same as the patent that had been filed.

This was something that had given a level of weightage to this i.e. the recently spotted patent that Nintendo had filed for what could possibly be the Nintendo NX controller. The diagrams in the patent showed a controller looking and functioning just like this one which is why people were pulled to believe that the leaked images were real.

Anyhow, there are rumors that Nintendo is going to reveal details on the Nintendo NX controller and the console on or before E3 2016, and we will be keeping a vigilant eye on everything.