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All Star Fox Zero Planets Revealed; Secret Bosses, Paths and Missions Exist

We are about four weeks away from the release of Star Fox Zero and that is precisely the reason why Platinum Games is finally sharing tons of details with us. This time it is the complete list of all the Star Fox Zero planets that you will be able to explore once Nintendo EPD shoots it out to Nintendo Wii U.

Star Fox Zero Planets Revealed

In total, there are 11 planets that you can visit which says a lot against the rather wobbly PR that the game has had for some time while it was in development. Here’s a rundown on the list:

  • Planet Corneria
  • Meteo α
  • Area 3
  • Planet Zoness
  • Sector β
  • Titania
  • Sector γ
  • Planet Fichina
  • Planet Fortuna
  • Sector Ω
  • Venom

It has also been revealed that following in the veins of Star Fox 64, the Star Fox Zero planets are also going to have secret passages spread across different levels that you will be able to find and use when taking on the specific level.

Needless to say, at the other end of those passages you get bosses that will otherwise be kept a secret in the game as well as new paths around the overworld.

That is not all. Star Fox Zero is also going to let you take on some additional missions if you meet certain conditions during the course of the game.

It looks like Nintendo and Platinum Games have really pulled up their pants with the development since only recently it was rumored that the game was in such a bad shape that it would hardly pass quality assurance tests and also that motion controls were a very big problem the developers were facing.

You will be able to walk all the 11 Star Fox Zero planets on April 22.