Use This Fallout 4 Mod to Play as Dogmeat, For Real!

There are a number of experiments that people are doing in Fallout 4, for instance there was this Fallout 4 mod named Rip A Guy’s Arm Off And Beat Him To Death With It which did exactly as the name suggests, and now there is another one that turns you into Dogmeat and lets you play the game that way.

Other mods include one that adds new vegas-styled traits and additional perks to the game, and another one that turns Dogmeat into a Cattle Dog.

Fallout 4 Mod “Be The Dog” Let’s You Play as Dogmeat

This mod not only shows you the world from our little fella’s perspective but also allows you to make different bite attacks; there is a basic bite, a basic bite 2, a jumping bite while standing still and a running jumping bite while moving forward.

Everything has a flipside though, and while you will be able to play as your favorite dog (or any other dog in the game for that matter) you will also be limited to things that a dog can do.

For instance, using a gun is going to be out of the question – no surprises there – and your gear is also limited to the level of dog gear that Fallout 4 has to offer; surely Bethesda did not have this in mind while creating everything related to Dogmeat, right?

Then there is this issue with the Pip-Boy, since you are not a human anymore you don’t get a first person perspective on the Pip-Boy which means accessing the inventory has to be done with a batch file. And ummm… everyone else in the game seems to not notice that you have turned into a dog from a human because they keep talking to you the same.

Nonetheless, this is an awesome Fallout 4 mod that I am definitely going to try out for the love of dogs. Are you?

Available on NexusMods.