Star Wars Battlefront Hotfix Gets Rid of Instant Level 60 Bug

Anyone looking to get to level 60 instantly will have to do it the hard way now that a Star Wars Battlefront hotfix has been released to prevent people from exploiting that bug in the game itself.

The bug had found its way into Battlefront in the game’s previous update, but has since been removed by DICE and EA. The bug would allow people to get to Level 60 in a single round of play, but would also end up crashing the game at the end of the round.

The level cap used to be 50, but was increased to 60 in the patch for the Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC.

EA and DICE used the Star Wars Battlefront hotfix to take players that had used the bug back down to their original levels, which also caused them to have to temporarily bring down servers to input the fix. According to DICE community manager Sledgehammer70,

Due to Rank issues we’ve had with our max level players (auto-60, crashes at end-of-round) were resetting Rank stats for some players to alleviate the backend issue we have detected. Servers will go offline for roughly 30 minutes while this update is applied.

We apologize for any inconvenience but this step is necessary so that you can properly gain levels again and avoid crashes at the end of rounds

Getting to level 60 in Battlefront allows players to unlock everything available to them in the game, ranging from character customization (including, on the Rebel side, to be able to play as a wider variety of alien species) to weapons and outfits.

The Outer Rim DLC is only the first of a number of updates and DLC packs that EA and DICE will put into Star Wars Battlefront, which will include Bespin, the Death Star, and one other pack that will all include new Star Cards, vehicles, locations, heroes, and game modes.