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Pokemon GO New Details Outline Various Gameplay Mechanics

Niantic Inc. and the Pokemon Company have unveiled new features for their upcoming mobile release Pokemon GO which will launch for iOS-based and Android-based devices later this year.

In Pokemon GO, players around the world will explore their surroundings to catch wild Pokemon hiding in our surroundings. During exploration, players’ smartphones will vibrate; letting them know of a nearby Pokemon. After this, players will be able to use their phone’s touchscreen to throw a Poke Ball at catch a Pokemon.

As for Poke Balls and other specialized items, these can be found at PokeStops located at places such as monuments, public art installations, and historical markers.

As players continue to progress, they will increase their Pokemon GO trainer level allowing them to access more powerful Pokemon and better items. Moreover, some Pokemon will undergo evolution if the same species is caught multiple times. Then there are Pokemon Eggs which can be found at PokeStops and will hatch after players walk a certain distance.

This is not all! Players will also be able to earn Achievement Medals and participate in Gym Battles by joining one of three teams in Pokemon GO. After joining a team, players will find Gyms at real locations, assign their Pokemon to empty Gyms, and challenge other two teams. However, since only one Pokemon per player can be placed at a Gym; teamwork is of utmost importance.

Currently, an early user test — only limited to Japan — is planned and certain features, available languages, design, and overall appearance are not finalized! You can also check some of the images attached in the gallery below:

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon GO remains without a concrete release date, but is expected to launch for iOS and Android based devices sometime later this year.