PlayStation VR Social Screen, Sony’s Strategy Discussed By Yoshida

After a long wait we finally know when PlayStation VR is coming out and exactly how much will it cost. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news lately, PlayStation VR is releasing in October and will cost us $399 for the headset.

There is also a bundle that includes some essential items like PlayStation Move, PlayStation Camera, and PlayStation Worlds.

PlayStation VR not only lets you play games in VR but you can play with your friends and family without buying another headset to accommodate a second player in the VR world.

PlayStation VR will render two images, one for the player with the headset, and a second image on your TV screen. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has shared some new details about the company’s future plans, PlayStation VR Social Screen and more.

Speaking on Greg Miller’s Kinda Funny Games Yoshida stated:

We wanted to make virtual reality something that everyone, family and friends, had a chance to try out together in the same room. Japan Studio proposed the idea that PlayStation 4 should render two images, one for the person with the headset, and another for the TV, so that other people would have the opportunity to play with whomever is wearing the headset, we call Social Screen, and is a part mode.

He went on to say:

This was the first goal that we have set. Next, we looked at the cost, and we have relied on our very capable hardware team – they deal with hardware development for a long time, and Sony have the resources to create the system and find the right components that have enabled us to sell the device at a reasonable price.

Well, it looks like Sony really gave PlayStation VR thought before going public with it. PlayStation VR is in the best position right now to compete with Oculus Rift. Not only PlayStation VR has the entire console market to itself, PC users may also be enticed by its all-in price.