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PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Have Surprised Sony Itself

Sony is gathering a lot of pace with its PlayStation VR headset, so much so that its pre-order rates have surprised the manufacturer itself.

PlayStation Europe’s Jim Ryan told MCV how the pre-orders of the virtual reality headset have surpassed the firm’s own expectations.

“I would say that the early pre-orders has surpassed our initial expectations. So that suggests demand, and therefore day one, might be quite significant.”

He was however wary about how these highly encouraging numbers will eventually end up being at launch. Regardless, it’s definitely a good situation to be in.

Of the three most popular high-end virtual reality headsets so far revealed, the PlayStation VR is the one that seems to have gained the most traction from the general public. The popularity after its reveal has been surprising – so much so that it was completely sold out in North America soon after its pre-order went live.

Amazon eventually had to restock, and pre-orders should re-open today.

The most obvious reason for the relative popularity of the PlayStation VR is its association with the PS4, which itself is currently the most sold home console in the market. Additionally, the pricing of PlayStation VR – at $399 – is well cheaper than Oculus Rift, which retails at $599.

The PlayStation VR is currently available as a standalone product or bundled alongside the PlayStation Move controllers, PlayStation Camera, and PlayStation VR Worlds. The bundle will set you back an extra $100.

Currently, over 100 games have been confirmed to be in development for the virtual reality headset.