PlayStation VR Bundles to Be Restocked At Amazon Today

PlayStation VR was sold out in North America soon after its preorder went live and same was the case for PlayStation VR bundles. However, Amazon has come to the rescue and is going to restock later today.

The retailer has confirmed that at 2PM today, PlayStation VR bundles will be available to the masses once again. Wave two is also expected to be sold out quickly so glue yourself to the product page and hit pre order as fast as you can.

The bundle will feature a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Move controllers, PlayStation Camera, and PlayStation VR Worlds. The device is capable of pushing refresh rates to 120Hz with 18ms latency, providing a smooth and immersive VR experience.

PlayStation VR will release in October for PlayStation 4. It will cost you $399 without camera and Move, however, if you go for this bundle, you can grab all of the items for $499.

PlayStation VR will be the very first VR device to be released for console gamers. Over 100 games are currently in development for PlayStation VR which gets to show just how much effort Sony is putting into making sure VR is the future.

Earlier, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida sat down to discuss PSVR’s Social Screen feature, along with the company’s stretagy in the VR market.

Yoshida said:

We wanted to make virtual reality something that everyone, family and friends, had a chance to try out together in the same room. Japan Studio proposed the idea that PlayStation 4 should render two images, one for the person with the headset, and another for the TV, so that other people would have the opportunity to play with whomever is wearing the headset, we call Social Screen, and it is a mode.

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