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PlayStation 4.5 is PlayStation 4K; Sony Has Prototypes with More GPU Power

A couple of days ago, rumors surfaced that Sony Computer Entertainment was working on something called PlayStation 4.5 with, sprprisingly, 4K Gaming. Now, we have some more reports claiming to have verified at least some of the details including Sony’s codename for it which is PlayStation 4K.

DigitalFoundry appears to have contacted with more than one people on the inside who referred to it with the name PlayStation 4K and confirmed that such a console is actually real.

Not only that, the report claims that Sony Computer Entertainment’s research and development department already has prototypes with them that are being tested and polished to be turned into the final product.

While all of the anonymous sources are referring to PlayStation 4.5 as PlayStation 4K, and even the past reports claim that it will support 4K gaming, we are not sure how that is actually possible. In other words, native 4K gaming at current quality levels is almost next to impossible.

However, the supposed PlayStation 4K is going to add more muscle to the GPU power thanks to the help of AMD Polaris architecture; but that is just one of the possibilities.

It could also be that Sony is just trying to evolve PlayStation 4 into a better device than before by simply using higher end components but from the same generation. Lastly, it is being speculated that maybe a cheaper “PS4 Slim” would be sold side by side with the PlayStation 4.5 aka PS4K.

Do keep in mind that all this can go either way; it could all turn out to be true or it could simply be added to the gigantic pile of rumors that didn’t turn out to be true.

Thanks, Eurogamer.