Nintendo NX Controller Leaked with Multiple Pictures!

There are a number of unconfirmed details on how the upcoming console of Nintendo is going to allow you to use it; there is word that it will probably have a gesture recognition technology, and it has also been allegedly leaked that the Nintendo NX controller is going to have a full face display of its own. That second part is what we are here to talk about.

Just like we reported on some leaked images that showed what could be the rather simplistic but ultra-mod controller for the console-handheld hybrid, there are new images in ourhands right now that suggest our last report was legitimate.

Nintendo NX Controller Leaked?

An anonymous source has leaked two clear and untampered images online that show, what we are very confidently regarding as, the Nintendo NX controller. We have added one of the images above and the other below, check them out yourself.

As you can see, the controller seems to have only two button that might as well be analog sticks. Other than that, it has all a plain glass front face which provides a secondary display to the game that you will play on the Nintendo NX.

While these pictures do not show the controller’s display being turned on, if you check out the images here you will see how this is going to work.

So far, Nintendo has kept everyone at bay and kept all the important details to themselves, however, these leaked images are suggesting that it won’t be long before we get to see, examine and report on the Nintendo NX console itself.

Talking of, it is also expected that Nintendo might officially reveal details on their upcoming console before E3 2016.

NIntendo NX Controller

Whether that is true or not, we will surely let our readers know.