Michael Pachter Believes PlayStation 4.5 Isn’t Anything Like What We Think

The rumors of a supposed new PlayStation 4.5 model that Sony is working on have gained pace ever since the GDC, and there are theories that it may add more power or other features to the system. Michael Pachter doesn’t believe any of that is true though.

The well-known analyst at Wedbush Securities talked to GamingBolt about the arising rumors of the PlayStation 4.5, and he feels that much of it is just false stuff spread around during the GDC.

“The quick answer is that there were 27,000 people at GDC, and apparently only four heard rumblings about the PS4.5, making it hard to believe as a rumor. Given that all four of them work for Kotaku, the coincidence is far more than the norm, and I find it hard to believe.”

Pachter goes on to suggest that it’s highly likely that one or more Kotaku employees heard the same conversations that were musings about a 4K PS4.

According to the analyst, it may indeed be possible that Sony was actually talking about plans to upgrade the graphics of the PS4 to make it competitive with others and more up to date with PC gaming. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a new console that will force PS4 owners to ditch their consoles.

Instead, Michael Pachter believes that if Sony is indeed cooking up something new, it will primarily be a PlayStation VR-specific model that will allow PSVR to run 4K.

“…That doesn’t mean it’s a new console that will require all PS4 owners to ditch their old ones; rather, it will probably be a VR-specific model that will allow PSVR to run in 4K.  I find that a reasonable explanation, but the “rumor” being heard by only four Kotaku employees and nobody else is simply not reasonable.”

Whether the PlayStation 4.5 actually exists or not is something we’ll eventually end up finding out, but it’s definitely a reasonable hypothesis that if it does exist, it might be a VR-dedicated variant of the PS4.

After all, the PlayStation VR has witnessed surprisingly large popularity, with pre-order sales of the bundle skyrocketing since they went live in North Amercia.