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Hyrule Warriors Update Adds New Warriors, Weapons

Nintendo is celebrating the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends with a brand new update for the original Hyrule Warriors game on the Wii U. The update adds five new warriors to the game. Below is the list of all five:

  • Linkle
  • Skull Kid
  • Toon Link,
  • Tetra
  • King Daphnes

Not only this but we have Ganondorf’s new Trident weapons for Hyrule Warriors but there is a catch To get your hands on these weapons, you need to buy Hyrule Warriors Legends and look for a 16-digit download code.  The game is available in both digital and physical formats.

If you get the digital copy you can look for the code on the digital recipient. However, if you are purchasing a physical copy of Hyrule Warrior Legends, find the code inside the case.

That was all for Hyrule Warriors update for the Wii U. For more on Hyrule Warriors stay-tuned!

On a related note, Nintendo is preparing NX for its final reveal so soon we will get to see what the device is all about. Earlier, we came across a few images showing a controller that is believed to be of NX.

Not too long ago some patent images showed up giving us a look at a very unique looking controller with a touch screen and thumb-sticks going through the display. When you compared these new images with the ones from the patent, the controller and the patent design looks pretty similar.

It is believed that this controller will also act as a successor to 3DS. Rumor has it that Nintendo will reveal the NX before E3 but details won’t come up until E3.