Final Fantasy XV Localizations for Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Others Confirmed

We know of Final Fantasy XV localizations for the US and the EU – it was never an issue – however, there are a number of other regions out there that have tons of Final Fantasy fans that Square Enix should cater to.

In light of that, the game director Hajime Tabata has announced that the developers are going to release localized versions of the game for a number of other regions too.

Multiple Final Fantasy XV Localizations Confirmed

Tabata-san has issued an official statement confirming FFXV localizations for Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese because of the large number of fans that the game has in the regions – giving the game a better chance of getting more prepurchases when the preorders start on March 31.

Not only that, Square Enix has also announced French and German localizations of the game – all through YouTube videos where Hajime Tabata himself is greeting the fans from the said regions while announcing the multiple localizations.

Here’s the message from him to the Latin American and Brazilian fans of the game.

Thank you to all of our Final Fantasy fans in Latin America and Brazil for always supporting us. Last year I visited Mexico for the first time to promote Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. And through the Mexican media I could personally see the passion of the fans in Mexico and neighboring regions.

From that moment I started thinking about how to compensate for the passionate fans in all of Latin America and Brazil. So this time, we took the opportunity to respond to his enthusiasm for Final Fantasy XV and decided to release a new version of the game with text localization in Spanish Latin American and Brazilian Portuguese.

In parallel news, at least four characters from the game have been leaked, and an alleged leak is suggesting that Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30.

Anyhow, which region are you from? Will you benefit from the Final Fantasy XV localizations for French, German, Latin American Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese that Square Enix has cconfirmed?