Final Fantasy XV Main Campaign Will Be 50 Hours Long, Says Game Director

The main campaign of Final Fantasy XV is going to be longer than what was original predicted, as game director Hajime Tabata confirmed that it will take around 50 hours to complete.

Tabata revealed the information during the recent NicoNico livestream, in which he said the main story of the game will be roughly 50 hours.

This is larger than the previously estimated 40 hours, and the suggested reason for that is more ‘volume’ to the game has been added than originally planned. What this likely means is the game’s overall size may not have increased, but a lot of additional content and depth may have been added.

Tabata also revealed that Square is currently working on optimizing Final Fantasy XV. The game has a target frame-rate of 30 fps, but often tends to break that limit. Adjustment and optimizations are being made to stabilize it.

Should the team fail to provide a fixed frame-rate, they will try something ‘different,’ according to Tabata.

The director also said the final resolution of the game will be revealed during the Final Fantasy XV event next week. There’s also a fresh Japanese trailer for the game that is expected to be revealed during the event, due on March 31.

Square Enix is also currently working on making a PS4 bundle version happen, so expect news of that to arrive soon as well.

Final Fantasy XV is in development for PS4 and Xbox One. It is scheduled for a worldwide release sometime this year.

Source Siliconera