Fallout 4 Season Pass Price Falls Back to $24 for PC on Steam

In the aftermath of news that the Fallout 4 season pass had gone up in price from its original 29.99 American dollars to 49.99, Bethesda was hit with a lot of bad press and anger from fans due to the fans now having to essentially pay for the game again to have access to the game’s downloadable content.

The price increase was seen just as a blatant cash grab to capitalize on the popularity and high sales of Fallout 4.

Now, however, the storm appears to be over (for now) as the price tag of the Fallout 4 season pass has fallen back down past its original price to $24 dollars. This is most likely due to the beginning of the spring sale on Green Man Gaming, and the upcoming Steam Spring Sale, which will be starting in a week or two.

Both of these sales will most likely see Fallout 4 get its current price of $59.99 slashed down by a substantial margin (in fact even on Steam Fallout 4 is 33% off due to the release of its Automatron DLC), which will help boost the game’s already substantial sales.

Steam sales bring in a substantial number of sales for developers and Steam itself every year, such as the Chinese New Year sale back in February, and the Spring Sale coming up in a few weeks. Particularly looked forward to is the Steam Summer Sale, which will normally have a large number of good deals, so if you might be kissing the money in your wallet goodbye if you’re looking to buy anything in those sales.

The Fallout 4 season pass will allow Fallout 4 players to get all three of the upcoming Fallout 4 DLCs for free, including Automatron, which came out last week, and the next two DLC packs: Wasteland Workshop, where you can capture various Wasteland creatures and have them fight, and Far Harbor, a story DLC where the Sole Survivor will travel to a synth colony up in Maine.