Doom Multiplayer Trailer Showcases Demons, Power Weapons, and Cool Power-ups

A new trailer has been released by id Software showcasing additional multiplayer features of their upcoming Doom reboot. The trailer focuses on various Demons, Power Weapons, and awesome Power-ups that you’ll be able to grab in the game while playing the multiplayer mode.

The first-person shooter title has been treated to several similar trailers in the past few weeks. Just a few days ago id Software revealed the multiplayer modes through a trailer, and before that we’d been treated to a trailer of some of the maps of the game.

The trailer showcases the various Demons you can play as (who seem incredibly fun), as well as some of the crazy yet classically awesome power-ups. Then of course come the Power Weapons, which include the likes of the devastating Gauss Rifle as well as the fan-favorite BFG.

The previous version of Doom (up till Doom 3) were all primarily singleplayer focused titles, but this time around parent company Bethesda and id Software are using the excellent multiplayer potential to bring forth what is appearing to be a captivating, classic first-person shooter experience that sways away from Call of Duty and Battlefield.

The fast-paced action of Doom is fairly reminiscent of the classic Quake and Unreal Tournament multiplayer games that once dominated PC gaming.

Doom is currently in production, and will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 13.