Dark Souls 3 Resolution is 900p on Xbox One; Goes Below 30 FPS, Stutters

Some time back, it was rumored that Dark Souls 3 will run at a locked 30FPS on the PC, although that rumor was debunked by From Software who promised a solid 60FPS on PC, there were still concerns about the Dark Souls 3 resolution, especially on the Xbox One version.

While we have nothing against the game – it is as dark and gritty as we wanted it to be, and a true heir to the original Dark Souls game, it looks like the Xbox One version of the game is lagging behind all the rest of the platforms that the game is being released on.

According to tests run by DigitalFoundry, From Software’s toughest release runs at a native 900p on Microsoft’s console which is less than stellar as compared to 1080p native that it achieves on Sony’s PS4.

Other than the Dark Souls 3 resolution on the Xbox One, it has also been revealed that the game is having a hard time maintaining even 30FPS and gets regular dips below it. Also, the testers have experienced regular stuttering.

While this might put off those of you who are conscious even about the tiniest of details, but for the larger audience, we can assure you that the game will run closer to the PS4 version if not the same. There will be some difference but there will be nothing game breaking.

Parallel to this it has also been reported that the game is having a hard time maintaining a stable 60FPS on a GTX 980. The issue with the Dark Souls 3 resolution and the FPS might have been the reason why From Software updated the game’s system requirements only a week after posting the original ones.