New Xbox One Update Brings a Lot of New Features to the Console

The new Xbox One update just hit the internet today, allowing Xbox One players to do a bunch of new things with the Microsoft console.

The update hit Xbox Live Preview at the beginning of March, but has now finally been released to the public, and includes the following updates:

The Xbox One Elite controller will now have improved thumbstick precision, allowing users to have more control over their gameplay when using Elite controllers.

The Xbox Accessories app, a Windows 10 update that also includes a page that allows you to see the firmware version, battery status, and other details about the controller that you’re using to play on your PC.

Party Chat is also available during Twitch broadcasts on Xbox Live, which you can use to let other people you’re playing with put their own chat audio into yours as well. You can invite up to 16 people into your party chat through the use of this app.

You can also output Party Chat to your headphones and external speakers, which you can do through the Display & Sounds category of your Xbox One’s Settings.

The Xbox One update also allows you to buy Xbox 360 backwards-compatible games on your console, and they are located in their own special category in the Xbox One store, allowing you to find them quickly and easily. When you buy them, they will automatically download to the Xbox One, allowing you to play them immediately.

You can also customize the length of your Game DVR recordings, allowing you to change the traditionally 30-second long recording time.

You can also now keep track of your achievements easier, as an achievement tracker has been built into the Xbox One’s guide.

Finally, the Xbox One update has also streamlined the process that you need to go through to watch an entire gameplay video (you no longer have to leave your feed to watch the videos either), and you can even “like” the video by pressing X while watching it.