With Increased Difficulty, Fallout 4 Survival Mode to Enter Beta Starting Next Week

Fallout 4 is in no way a walk in the park! The game is hard, punishing, and requires a very calculated approach.

But if you still think that it is not enough, Bethesda has announced Fallout 4 Survival Mode. Fallout 4 Survival Mode essentially removes the ability to save the game, increases the overall difficulty, among other changes.

Aside from these changes, the Survival Mode will also include tougher foes, ammunition weight, inability to fast-travel, fatigue, sickness, changes to companions, and other changes.

Although Bethesda has yet to provide a concrete finalized date for the Survival Mode, the developer did confirm that the upcoming mode will enter beta next week in Steam:

In related Fallout 4 news; Fallout 4 Automatron DLC is now available and matches players against a new foe named Mechanist and his battalion of robots.

While it is in no way an easy experience, make sure to read out our Automatron DLC Quest Completion Guide, Automatron DLC Robot Building Guide, and How to Start Automatron DLC Guide for some tips on surviving post-apocalyptic robots.

Looking forward to playing the Automatron DLC on a higher difficulty with Fallout 4 Survival Mode? Let us know in the comments section below!