Quantum Break PC Version’s Graphics Settings Leaked

Quantum Break was, like many games this generation, supposed to be an Xbox exclusive. Unfortunately, that did not hold water, and a Quantum Break PC version will now be released as well when the game comes out on April 5. And now, we finally have the graphics settings that you’ll need in order to ensure that the game runs well on your PC.

Quantum Break is the newest game by Remedy Entertainment, focusing on Jack Joyce as he battles the sinister Monarch Corporation to repair damage to the space-time continuum.

The announcement that there would be a Quantum Break PC version was met with a lot of criticism from many Xbox One gamers that decried yet another missed opportunity to have a game be exclusive to the Xbox One. Another high-profile game that has recently come out that was supposed to be exclusive to Xbox One was Crystal Dynamic’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, which was turned from a complete exclusive into a timed exclusive.


Through a leaked image from the game’s “Settings” menu (which can be seen above), we can see that the game includes volumetric lighting, shadow resolution, shadow filtering, texture resolution, screen space ambient occlusion, screen space reflections, effects quality, and global illumination quality.

Even though Quantum Break is only going to be released at 720p resolution, gameplay videos still make it look pretty good. Hopefully all of the other graphical options available on the Quantum Break PC version will help to make up the resolution difference.

Quantum Break will come out on April 5 for Xbox One and Windows PC. The pilot episode of a TV show will also come out on the same day, and will allow players to follow other plot threads of the game as well as being able to find exclusive content within the game itself.