Payday 2 Free on SteamOS for Current Steam Users

Owners of Payday 2 have a bit of good news this week, especially if they own a SteamOS device. They will be able to get the Steam OS version of Payday 2 free, if they own Payday 2 on Steam already.

You can also play Payday 2 free for this week on Steam, and the game is also 75% off if you decide to buy it to keep. The game will also be free for owners of the Alienware Steam Machine, and will support the Steam Controller and SteamCloud.

While the first Payday game, Payday: The Heist, released on Windows PC and the Playstation 3 in October of 2011, Payday 2 was released on August 2013, and was released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Linux, and PC, and a new version, Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, was released on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in June of 2015.

Payday 2 on SteamOS will also update at the same time as the Windows version, so if you’re playing on the SteamOS you don’t have to wait for an update to be ported over to other consoles.

However, Payday 2 has also recently come into a good amount of controversy due to the revelation that Payday 2 would have microtransactions, starting in October of last year. This won Overkill Studios, the developers of Payday, a lot of bad press, though they have improved the system as of a few months ago.

Whether this will affect the sales of Payday 2 remains to be seen, but then again it’s the choice of the player to buy the packs that come with microtransactions, and playing the game for free for a week gives you a chance to decide if it’s worth spending money on is better than buying it full-price and deciding that you don’t like it.

You can still play Payday 2 free for over a week more before the game becomes full-price again, and at only 4.99 it’s a pretty good deal if you’re the kind of person that likes that sort of game.