Final Fantasy XV Preorders Start March 31; Store Posters Surfaced Online

People are expecting to get the game’s release date on the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event on March 30, and it looks like the very next day after that will see the Final Fantasy XV preorders going live. We have spotted some store posters of the game that have leaked the date.

Final Fantasy XV Preorders Launch Date Could be March 31

As you can see in the images attached below, some posters of the game are being put up in Japan, notably at the Yodobashi stores. These posters not only suggest that the game’s release date is edging closer than we thought but also reveal the exact date on which retailers will start taking preorders i.e. March 31.

Whether the Final Fantasy XV preorders start on that day or not, it has been rumored that the game will release on September 30. The same rumors suggest that this release date will be confirmed during the Uncovered event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on March 30.

As far as the release date rumor is concerned, it will be absolutely verified or debunked in exactly one week’s time from now.

However, the alleged launch date for the Final Fantasy XV preorders does seem legitimate because Square Enix is holding such a major event one day before that. Also, since these are physical posters shown at a major retailing outlet in Japan, there is little chance that this is would be made up.

Looks like we are much more close to the release of the game than we thought!

Final Fantasy XV preorders

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