Backwards Compatibility gets Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament

Looking to take one more jaunt through Lordran before you move on to Lothric in Dark Souls III? Looking to brush up on your fighting games? We’ve got good news for you, then: Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament are now available on Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service!

Both games were just released today to the service, which has allowed hundreds of games to be playable on the Xbox One to address one of its earliest criticisms, which was that it could not play games that had worked on the Xbox 360 like the Xbox 360 had been able to do on original Xbox games.

It’s even better for From Software fans, as Dark Souls 2’s “Scholar of the First Sin” edition for current-generation consoles was released for the Xbox One back in April of 2015, so if you’re really good and dedicated, you can beat both games before Dark Souls 3 comes out on April 12.

If you want to buy Dark Souls 3 and have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, you can also play Dark Souls on the Xbox One for free because of your pre-order.

Tekken Tag Tournament, the highly popular first iteration of the “Tekken Tag Tournament” miniseries, was also released to backwards compatibility alongside Dark Souls. TTT allowed you to play in two-on-two fights, with the first team to lose a fighter losing the fight.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is already available on Xbox One backwards compatibility as well.

Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament can even serve to scratch itches in the absence of other new games in those series coming out; non-Japanese From Software fans still have several weeks until Dark Souls 3 comes out, while Tekken players that do not live in Japan have to deal with no Tekken 7, which has only been released in Japanese arcades.

So, whether you’re in for a difficult RPG or a good fighting game, Dark Souls and Tekken Tag Tournament will probably be right up your alley.