5 Ways The Division Is Better Than Destiny And 5 Ways It Isn’t

Discussions on how Tom Clancy’s The Division and Destiny are similar or dissimilar have been around for as long as we have known about how Ubisoft’s latest plays out. Today we look into a more direct comparison between the two best sellers.

In the video above, we look at five ways how Ubisoft’s game is better than Bungie’s and an equal number of things that it lacks at.

Five Reasons Why The Division is Better Than Destiny

The first thing you will notice in The Division is that unlike Destiny, it has a loot system that is actually satisfying. You can pick up the look, compare it on the go and use which is not the case in Destiny where you have to go back to the Tower to actually figure out if you got something worth the while.

On the fly character customization, levels designed around tactical ambushes, and tailor made skills allow for a deep tactical co-op that is very different from the rest of the game. Whereas in Destiny you only get that satisfaction when you are in a raid, rest of the times it is not as deep and tactical.

Evidently, Destiny has a lot more chores that it forces you to do if you wish to improve your character; Ubisoft does it better by keeping it simple.

Since Division does not have a Tower, you don’t need to check into that one place every time you accomplish something. Safe Houses take away half the authority from the Base of Operations, making it easier to go forward without too many prerequisites like checking in with the Tower.

The Dark Zone’s PvPvE is something you do not find anywhere in Destiny; uneasy alliances, high level loot, going rogue and so on.

While those are just the five reasons why The Division is better, our guy Mitchell Saltzman also has five reasons why The Division is NOT better than Destiny. That part is in the second half of the video above.