Nintendo Wii U Production Will Cease This Year, NX Time?

Much like the Playstation TV earlier this year, the console market will lose yet another member as Nintendo plans on halting Nintendo Wii U production at some point this year. This was revealed by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, and was later collaborated by NeoGAF.

This is most likely being done in expectation for the Nintendo NX, which will likely come out sometime this year. The Wii U has only been on the market for 4 years before Nintendo decided to stop its production.

This makes the Wii U one of the quickest consoles from “release” to “ceasing production”, including a number of others below:

Famicom (NES in the West):
Launch: July 15, 1983 (Japan)
End of Production: September 1995 (Europe), 25 September 2003 (Japan)

PlayStation :
Launch: 3 December 1994 (Japan)
End of Production: March 23, 2006

PlayStation 2 :
Launch: March 4, 2000 (Japan)
End of Production: January 4, 2013

Wii :
Launch: November 19, 2006 (North America)
End of Production: October 20, 2013

12/20 years for the NES, 12 years for the original Playstation, 13 years for the Playstation 2, and 7 years for the Wii.

The Wii U’s relatively poor sales likely also contributed to the Nintendo Wii U production being stopped. Unlike the Wii’s 101.63 million units sold, the Wii U only sold 12.60 hardware units, even with releases of Twilight Princess HD, Pokken Tournament, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros Wii U, and other games like them.

The Nintendo NX will at least have a strong lineup when it releases later this year; not only will it have multiple upcoming games coming out on it in addition to the Wii U, it will also have Star Fox Zero and the upcoming Legend of Zelda game available to play on release.

Hopefully, with that lineup in mind, the NX will make up for the lost Nintendo Wii U production when it releases later this year, and not be a sales flop like the Wii U was.