How to Build Fallout 4 Automatron Robots and Robot Customization Guide

Fallout 4 Automatron DLC pits players against Mechanist and his robotic army. To take the fight to Mechanist, Fallout 4 Automatron robots building is an essential concept.

Robot building and robot customization are new features in Fallout 4 Automatron DLC. The DLC allows players to build Automatron robots and carry out Fall 4 Automatron robot customization to enhance their abilities.

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Fallout 4 Automatron Robots Building

This guide details everything about Fallout 4 Automatron robot building and Fallout 4 Automatron robot customization:

How to Build Fallout 4 Automatron Robots

During one of the earlier quests, a Robot Workbench is acquired in the game. This is the place where Fallout 4 Automatron robots can be created – either an existing one or a new one.

This is also the area where Fallout 4 Automatron robots customization can be carried out. Aside from cosmetic customization, there are damage enhancement, damage resistant, and other customization options as well.

The basic version of a robot requires the following components:

Rubber x6, Circuitry x6, Ceramic x9, Aluminum x11, and Adhesive x8

At the start, simply using junk to craft various robotic parts should suffice. However, later down the road, parts acquired from hostile robots serve as a more viable option.

Fallout 4 Automatron Robots Customization

The robot customization option in Fallout 4 can enable a robot to serve various roles. There are more than a 100 mods for robots which include weapon, armor, and abilities.

Each body part can be customized using different slots, giving rise to hundreds of unique combinations. In addition to this, each part has unique stats and must be taken into consideration depending upon the role.

Depending upon the role, robots can be assigned to complete various jobs such as guarding a settlement or things like these. Lastly, it is a good idea to have perks such as Robotics Expert, Armorer, Blacksmith, and Science to make things a tad easier.

Fallout 4 Automatron Robots Achievements

  • Robot Hunter – Unlock 10 Robot Mods
  • Restoring Order – Complete Restoring Order
  • Mechanical Menace – Complete Mechanical Menace
  • The Most Toys – Build 10 Robot Mods
  • Headhunting – Complete Headhunting

This is everything we have on Fallout 4 Automatron Robots Building guide. If there is something else you would like to know, let us know in the comments section below!