Xbox Store Trade In Program: Microsoft is Doing it Wrong

Xbox Store may soon start a trade in program for reselling Xbox games to Microsoft. The company threw the idea in the wild via a survey to test reactions. As expected, fans are divided over Xbox Store trade in program.

Microsoft is asking fans if they would sell their digital games to the store for 10% store credit. For example, if a game is worth $60, you will get $6 store credit. You may wonder what will Microsoft do with the games it purchases, well, it can resell its access for cheaper then $60.

Despite the general idea many have of digital games, they do have a tangible value and can be resold. Publishers sell their games to resellers who then provide access to you for a fixed price. Revenues from each copy are divided between the publisher and its reseller. Terms of how the profits are divided may vary from store to store and publisher to publisher.

Anyhow, PC gamers would be well aware of how digital games are sold and how they are traded in. And I would like to think Steam users would have some reservations over how Microsoft is presumably planning to treat store trade-in system.

I say “presumably” because a survey question surely doesn’t reflect on their final plans for the trade in program. They are offering 10% store credit but I would have to say that isn’t the best way to handle this.

I personally think that players would feel more comfortable trading games with each other rather than directly to the store. Seller of the digital good should decide how much it would go for. Xbox Store should follow a similar trade in system used by Steam.

It would be beneficial for both Xbox and Microsoft’s push for Windows 10 gaming as the system can be used for PC games on Microsoft’s store as well.

On each resold digital game, Microsoft will get a small kick back without setting a lower limit on how much the game should go for.  Hypothetically, if Microsoft is asking for 10% share and a game is resold for $50, $5 will go to Microsoft.

Like I said, a survey isn’t the final representation of how Microsoft may handle Xbox Store trade in system. The above article is just my personal suggestion and I would like to know what you think of Xbox Store trade-in system.

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