What of The Division DLC Now That The Game Director Quit Ubisoft for Square Enix?

We have just picked up word that the game director behind Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ryan Bernard, has left his job at Ubisoft and joined Square Enix’s IO Interactive. Not that one man runs the show in game development, but we have been thinking if it will have an impact on The Division DLC packs in any way.

Being the director, he was one of the primary developers who have given us the game in such a good shape, so much so that it is being regarded as the next Destiny – hopefully not in terms of how the latter milks out your money, though.

Bernard left Ubisoft last month to join the studio developing Hitman this month i.e. March. It looks like he was waiting for the game to be released.

At IO Interactive, it looks like he will be working on Hitman’s future content. Square Enix could really use him to give the game an edge in terms of gameplay, online, and world which are the three aspects of the game he will be working on being the Gameplay Director at the studio.

Coming back to The Division DLC packs. Usually when a game is released the developers are already working on downloadable content packs – sometimes parallel to the base game too – however, it is a rare chance that the DLC packs get completed before a game releases. And there could also be some DLC that work still needs to be started on.

Now we are not saying that the game director alone is responsible for everything we get, but he/ she is supposed to provide the lead and the direction moving forwards.

With Bernard leaving Ubisoft, could The Division DLC plans be affected in any way? Could this have some affect on the quality?