Watch CEMU 1.4 Running Super Mario 3D World

CEMU 1.4, the latest version of the CEMU emulator, has just released new footage of the emulator running Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo’s 2013 iteration of the Mario games.

This version is the latest that’s been able to emulate Super Mario 3D world, work on which was first begun with CEMU version 1.0. CEMU is one of the first emulators for the Wii U, but the emulator market has existed for many years, allowing people that cannot obtain other consoles to be able to play them on PCs.

CEMU is currently able to emulate a large number of Nintendo games, including (but not limited to):


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Donkey Kong tropical freeze
Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors
Mario Kart 8
Pikmin 3
Rabbids Land
Super Mario 3D World
Super Mario Maker
The Croods: Prehistoric Party
Transformers Prime
Turbo Super Stunt Squad
Yoshi’s Wooly World

DuckTales Remastered
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD
Mario Kart 8
NES Remix Pack
New Super Mario Bros U
Super Mario 3D World


Game and Wario
The Wonderful 101

However, many of the aforementioned games are barely playable on the CEMU, and for the most part only run for a short time on their menus before they decide to crash.

This is because CEMU is still in very early stages of development; even its Super Mario 3D World gameplay is much slower than the actual game, and the color palette has a large number of minor glitches in it. This is even addressed in the CEMU Frequently Asked Questions:

Cemu is in early stages of development and it’s not unusual that games and applications just don’t work.

CEMU has, however, said that despite the slowness of the games, at the moment they’re going for accuracy and will work on optimization once they are satisfied with it.

For the moment CEMU is limited to Windows PC platforms.